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Our tax expertise is divided into three types:

  • Corporate Tax
  • Tax of individuals and trusts
  • International Tax

No matter what type of tax services you need, our primary objective is always the same: tax compliance, maximizing tax benefits.


Corporate Tax

When filing your corporate tax returns, our goal is to always ensure that you have the most optimal tax structure. To do so, we make sure that we keep our knowledge of tax credits, laws and latest changes to tax laws and rules up to date. 

Each year, the company’s tax structure is reviewed to ensure that tax optimization is achieved. In situations where tax optimization is not achieved, we offer tax solutions that allow you to correct the situation.

The following are among the many specialized corporate tax services we offer:

  • Corporate tax reorganization;
  • Assistance in the acquisition/sale of a company, transfer of assets, rollover;
  • Wind-up/Amalgamation of companies;
  • Corporate structure with trust and management company;
  • Analysis for incorporation;
  • Will and estate planning;
  • Preparation of tax returns;
  • Claiming Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) credits;
  • Tax consultations;
  • Assistance during audits and/or litigation with the Canadian and Quebec tax authorities;
  • Assistance with sales taxes (GST, PST, etc.);
  • Analysis of notices of assessments or reassessments;
  • Advice on the drafting of shareholder agreements.

Tax of individuals and trusts

Whether you have a complex or simple tax situation, we have the expertise for it. Your tax returns are prepared by our CPA experts whose tax knowledge is continuously updated. 

If you are in one of the following situations, we can help you:

  • You are self-employed;
  • You own income properties;
  • You are an employee;
  • You are a couple, single, separated or divorced;
  • You have investments and investment income;
  • You have disposed of your principal residence;
  • You have immigrated to Canada during the year;
  • You have emigrated from Canada during the year;
  • You have a complex tax situation;

Regardless of your personal tax situation, we are at your service to propose optimal tax strategies that will allow you to maximize your tax benefits while complying with the law. 

The following are among the many specialized personal tax services we offer:

  • Estimation of life insurance needs;
  • Preparation of tax returns;
  • Shareholders/Individuals/Personal Taxes;
  • Trust returns
  • Death returns
  • Tax consultations;
  • Analysis of notices of assessments or reassessments;
  • Assistance during audits and/or litigation with tax authorities;
  • Assistance in disputes with federal or provincial tax authorities.
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International Tax

You are developing your business internationally or you wish to evaluate your options, we are here to accompany you. 

You are a non-resident of Canada and you wish to invest in the Canadian system, we can help you by offering you the most optimal tax solutions. 

Whether it is a corporate or personal investment, international tax can be very complex. It is preferable to be well informed of the tax impact before investing.

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