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If you’re in business, you are bound to face many challenges. That is why the best entrepreneurs are those who know how to surround themselves well. 

In business, opportunities can be numerous but solutions are often lacking. We are here to guide and offer you the best solutions. Our business expertise, knowledge and skills are put to the benefit of entrepreneurs.

The following are among the many specialized corporate consulting services we offer:

  • Analysis, assistance and advice during the purchase, merger or sale of a company
  • Advice and support for starting a new business;
  • Analyze the value of your company;
  • Optimize all the tax aspects inherent to the purchase, sale or merger transaction;
  • Carry-out the most appropriate financial package to achieve your objectives;
  • Participate actively in the negotiation to complete your transaction;
  • Ensure that the elements of the transaction are consistent with the discussions;
  • Ensure your understanding of the various issues related to the transaction;
  • Optimize the interventions of other professionals related to the transaction, such as legal or financial advisors;
  • Assistance in recruiting accounting and administrative staff;
  • Review of internal control systems;
  • Assistance and advice in the development of new business projects;
  • Preparation of business plans;
  • Advice to directors and officers;
  • Examination and review of management systems and practices;
  • Writing manuals or guides on accounting systems, administrative policies and procedures.
KOBAS & KOBAS, chartered Professional Accountants inc.
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